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Tonkinese Breed Description
 Coat Colors and Patterns

Official Breed Description with color chart.  Links included
from Cat Fancier Association, and Tonkinese Breed Association



Surprising you with unique and individual characteristics; whether warming your bed, providing entertainment, or trapping the pesky rodents, unconditional kitty affection is our specialty!  

The straightforward and intelligent Tonkinese offer an assortment of personality traits and the sweetest disposition, though like us humans, temperament will vary!  


For example; We've all heard of people or celebrities known for certain stereo-typical personality traits ...
 (think; 'typical blonde' or 'surfer dude')  Tonks too are chock full of personality 'types'. 
There's the Laid Back type, the Sassy type or the Einstein.  
There's even the Prankster, the Bookworm, the Artist, or the Intensely Communicative Tonk, too.

Whether occupying a lap, warming your feet, or draped over your shoulder like a mink stole, the 'love-cat'
Tonk is not unknown to be glimpsed flying through the air off a bookshelf after a mosquito. 

Whichever traits unfold in your Tonk, you will always find in them a consistent commitment to their family, often guarding over their home from a shoulder top or other perch and (if not cat-napping), at readiness to peruse any newcomers approaching the door.

Any fan of this breed knows the treasure of amusement and contentment they can bring.

No matter what Tonk type adopts you, you will not be disappointed! 

Here is a link to the Tonkinese Breed Profile from:
Cat Fancier Association (CFA): 

The International Cat Association: 

American Cat Fanciers Association:

Here is a brief description and history from the Cat Breed Encyclopedia:

Lets talk about colors!  

There are 12 possible combinations of Tonkinese coat colors!  It is not necessary to learn all these details, since the delightful personality comes through in any color!   But for your info, here's the basics: Tonkinese come in  4 base Coat Colors just like Siamese; (also known as Lilac)
  1. Champagne   (also known as Chocolate)
  2. Platinum  (also known as Lilac)
  3. Blue  
  4. Natural  (also known as Seal or Sable)

And 3 possible Coat Patterns.
  1. Point  
  2. Mink  
  3. Sepia        
And with these 3 Coat Patterns come 3 different eye colors, in varying shades

This means that your Tonk can come in any one of the 12 individual color c
3 coat patterns multiplied by 4 colors
 =  12 possible combinations ) 
The photo chart below illustrates the coat variations, though photos cannot truly portray the depth accurately; 

COLOR CHART of All twelve Color/Coat Combinations:  
 in young adult cats: 

Elinga Ausom Grisom of


Elinga Tobias of ExquisiTonks

        BLUE Mink 

BLUE Sepia


BLUE Point









But of course, a litter of kittens can only produce a couple of these colors at a time, so, all the colors are not always available.  But, the personality is!
 If color is a priority, then signing up for the the preferred color in advance is recommended.  
(ie; waiting list)  
The color of the kitten while they grow, is a work in progress.  Only after 2 to 3 years will the color be fully developed.


The Point Coat Pattern shows the most contrast from the points to the whole coat, slightly opaque, the feel is plush, the look is 'Siamese', whether in Seal, Chocolate, Blue or Lilac.  (aka Natural, Champagne, Blue or Platinum)

The Mink Coat Pattern shows the points as well, though the coat is richer in color with a smoother contrast to the points, blending in a deeper more even silkiness.  Mink is the perfect word to describe this coat pattern, since it feels like a Mink stole!
The Mink coat shimmers; whether in Sable, Champagne, Blue or Platinum.

The elegant Sepia Coat Pattern is glossy as well, with an understated depth of contrast, producing a more exotic look and feel.  They too have darker points, though the variance in points to the whole coat is more subtle, creating a richer look or glossiness.  

 eye color in the Mink Patterned Tonkinese, unique to this breed, is the sought after aquamarine,  a shade varying from Blue-Green to Green-Blue, complementing the color of the coat.  
eye color
 in the Sepia Coat Patterned Tonk is a Chartreuse Green
The Point Patterned Tonkinese have always Bright Blue eyes in varying shades.
The jewel like eye colors of the Tonkinese:

Below:  Aquamarine eye color.  Mink coat pattern brings Aqua eyes
 varying in shade according to coat color:

Above: Mink eye coloring

Below:  Chartreuse eye color.  Sepia coat pattern will bring
Chartreuse green eye color, also varies slightly in shade according to coat color.

Above: Sepia eye coloring

Below:  Point coat pattern will have Blue eyes, in varying shades.  

Above: Point eye coloring

Technical explanations below:
*Point coloration in cats is a form of partial albinism resulting from a mutation in tyrosinase, an enzyme involved with melanin production. The mutated enzyme is heat-sensitive; it fails to work at normal body temperatures, but becomes active in cooler areas of the skin. As a result, dark pigment is limited to the coldest areas of the body, that is, the extremities. Pointed kittens are born white, since the womb is uniformly warm. As the kitten ages, the cooler areas darken while warmer areas remain cream to white or mottled beige in color.  
Because of this restriction of pigment, pointed cat's eyes are always some shade of blue, because the top layer of the iris is not covered in another color, letting the blue show through. The back of the eye also lacks pigment, giving these cats' pupils an eerie red reflection in the dark, unlike a normally pigmented cat's green to blue shine.       *wikipedia

Tonkinese Breed Association will explain how to determine the Tonk Rainbow:
While sparkling aqua eye color is often considered the defining characteristic of the Tonkinese, it is not the only eye color that a Tonkinese can have. Just as the mink pattern is halfway between the Siamese and the Burmese, so the aqua eye color is halfway between the sapphire blue of the Siamese and the green gold of the Burmese. 
Mink-patterned coats generally have aqua eyes. The Pointed Tonkinese coat pattern, can bring more of the Siamese characteristics along with those brilliant blue eyes ranging from glittering sky blue through violet. The Solid coat pattern Tonks have a shimmering charteuse green eye color which is closer to the spectrum of the Burmese eye color.    TBA

Further info on the breed and detail on the color spectrum of the Tonkinese is available at the Tonkinese Breed Association, please click here;  http://www.tonkinesebreedassociation.org/TonkineseColors.html


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