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In case we have not yet met, and you are considering whether or not a Tonkinese from our farm is the choice for you, please stroll through the photos below of our kitty-family here, and see why they came to be known as 'love-cats'!   
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This section below is dedicated to some of the greatest people we have ever met!
...Proud owners of  Tonkinese Love Cats...

Much praise and thanks owing to our sweet Families who have loved these precious Tonks!  Viva la Tonk!

Some Happy Families share their photos and fun…


Cedric,Natural Mink;  owner Yunith:

From: yunith k. <yxxxxxx3@gmail.com>

Subject: Cedric, my best friend forever!

Date: November 23, 2013 5:06:08 PM PST

‘Cedric is the type of cat i dreamed about my whole life!  Yes of course you can use any photos! ... i just showed my boyfriend the video of Cedric and we probably watched it 10 times together already. im so lucky to have him!’ yuni




Remy  ... (aka  Dom Remy la Pucelle)

Blue Mink;  owners Lynn and Scott 

From: Lynn S. <lsstiexx@xxxxx.com>

Subject: More Remi!

Date: August 12, 2013 3:58:32 PM PDT

'Remy is in my lap as we type.  She really is a uniquely wonderful kitty - It must have difficult for you and your family to let her go, but I can't tell you how much Scott and I appreciate it, and we promise we will give her the best possible home.  Thank you!' Scott and Lynn






Tinker, Champagne Point; Owners Lucy and Robert
"Tonkinese have no clue they are anything but loving little bundles and the world is there to love them back and be loved....AMAZING... darling little creatures…"

From: lucylaverick@xxxx.com

Subject: Really ? 

Date: July 30, 2013 2:14:31 PM PDT


" ...Erin, it makes me so joyful to hug Tinker and be loved back. He is a wonderful loving adorable cat. It is so cute, when I try to tell him "NO" in a stern voice, he meows back at me, as if to say, "hey there, I'm doing this." ...Continuing his quest to re-design my furniture, is really funny and makes me giggle!  Tonkinese have no clue they are anything but loving little bundles and the world is there to love them back and be loved. AMAZING... darling little creatures…" Lucy  and Robert




Prince Topaz; Natural Point;  Owner Carolyn W.

From: Carolyn <wrxxxxxx2@xxxxx.com>

Subject:  The "Prince" in his kingdom

Date:  April 14, 2013 2:46:18 PM PDT

‘Here is a photo of Prince Topaz taken today. What a fabulous cat he is.  

Thanks,’ Carolyn W.

                                    pastedGraphic_3.pdfTopaz, April 14 2013

                                         pastedGraphic_4.pdfTopaz is behind Helen

Well it has been just about a year since we welcomed Prince Topaz to our home.  This picture was taken earlier today.  He is in excellent health.  Very lean and elegant.  He is talking more than ever.  His purr motor is set on loud most of the time.  He always purrs when you touch him and even, sometimes, if it looks like you are about to touch him.  He is far more courageous (can be good and bad) than his friend, Helen... she is always the one to figure out new things--like how to open doors, how to bring us bags of food, and now, even how to open those bags.  They are great friends, often, but not always, sleeping curled together.  They frequently are seeing "kissing" and also grooming each other, especially around the face and ears.  Happy Thanksgiving, Carolyn W.


Dickens and Orion; Natual Mink and Champagne Mink;

Owners; Dawn and Jeff

From: Dawn W <wxxxxxxs@cox.net>

Subject: Re: Tonkinese Kitten

Date: May 19, 2013 8:57:24 PM PDT


Dear Erin,

Yes we want to purchase another kitten.  Dickens is doing well he has become a significant part of our family and has chosen my husband to be his person.    We really enjoy all of his antics and the joy he has brought to our home.  Color does not matter to us we just want another little boy when one becomes available.  

Thank you,   Dawn W   619-xxx-xxx



Grace and Ella; Platinum Sepia and Blue Mink; 

Owner Jeanette P.

From: Jeanette P. <iamxxxxxxinn@xxxx.com>

Subject: Grace and Ella second "first" birthday, when I brought them home.

Date: September 1, 2013 8:18:35 PM PDT


Hello Erin,  Hope all is going well with you.

 Today has been a year since I brought home Grace and Ella. What a year!

Ella...has the most beautiful gigantic pale blue eyes that are so striking against her coloring....  She is so expressive ... tells you everything she is thinking with her eyes ... how smart she is!  ...

English is her second language and she understands it very well,...  she gets eye contact with me.  

...Grace has eyes that can look a pale blue sometimes but even a yellow green. ... I have never felt a cat with fur as soft as Grace before. And she is mama's little baby... laying in my arms, upside-down, with her paws  reaching for my nose...  Sometimes, when I'm laying on my bed,  I hear Grace running down the hallway with her little meow, ...  she jumps up on the bed and plops onto my chest, upside-down "needing" love at that moment.  They are both just such sweet hearts and I love them dearly.

How do you do it? Are you in love with all of the cats that you have kept as breeders? I know that I couldn't do what you are doing any other way....





Charlotte; Champagne Point, Owners SueAnn and Griffen

From: SUEANN F. <sxxxxxxxxxxxl@icloud.com>

Subject: Re: Tonkinese kitten

Date: November 21, 2013 9:12:18 PM PST


Dear Erin- 

YES I DEFINITELY WANT TO RESERVE A FEMALE! And I'm so happy I found you again. Charlotte was the most amazing animal I've ever had in my life..I cried for days and even now talking about her brings tears to my eyes.Even the woman who delivers our mail cried...she would come when you said "Char dinners ready".....she was amazing....what else can I say. My son Griffen would snuggle with her when he had a particularly bad day at school...and kids would call him weird or odd...and in no time he'd come down laughing saying Charlotte better than a psychologist she licks your tears away. So she was definitely loved by all. Thank you for putting us on your list, I would not buy from any other breeder. Give me a call when the new litter is born.We would like one similar to Charlotte...

Love and hugs to you all!  

SueAnn  619-xxx-xxxx        

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Millie and Momo; Natural Mink and Champagne Point; Owner Ruby and Lucca

On Oct 8, 2012, at 12:19 AM, Ruby F. <rxxxxy@xxx.com> wrote:

Hi Erin,,I hope you are doing well. 


We adore our little family additions. Can't imagine how we ever imagined having only one!

Cheers Ruby

From: Ruby F <rxxxxxy@xxx.com>

Hi Erin  How are you?

They're growing to be very entertaining indeed. Milly has been climbing the Christmas tree taking off the ornaments!! She is so naughty compared to sweet Momo :)    Cheers  Ruby




Elsa:  Champagne Point; Owner Heidi M.


From: Heidi M. <hkxxxxy@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: Elsa

Date: October 14, 2013 4:18:19 PM PDT

To: ExquisiTonks <ExquisiTonks@att.net>

...Elsa is so much more than I could have asked for.   My husband absolutely loves Elsa too :).  I'll text you the video.      H.

I wanted to send you a quick update on sweet Elsa.   She's doing great and we love her so much.   She plays with her toy balls and has a new cat tree so she can enjoy the view out of the window.   She loves to talk and be held in my arms.    She is an amazingly sweet cat.  ... 



Dusty: Blue Point; 

Owners Cxxxx and Shxxxx

Caroline M. <quxxxx2@sbcglobal.net>

To: exquisitonks@att.net 

Update in Dusty


Dear Erin,

Dusty is doing well. She is such a lovable cat and playful too. She has a very outgoing personality. She seems to be pretty comfortable here already.   At night we... give Dusty the rest of the house. Shawn is staying on the couch to keep Dusty from getting lonely. Last night Dusty was on his pillow licking his face and hair when he went to bed. 

Here are some video attachments of her. I have to send the video attachment in different e-mails. This first attachment is Colette and Dusty playing together.  Sincerely, Cxxxxx



Hazel Avellana; Natural Mink, 

Owners Dawn and Jeff and Alissa

From: Dawn W <wxxxxxxxs@cox.net>

Subject: Cats


My daughter loves Hazel and has spoiled her with lots of toys. Alissa is keeping her name because it really fits her and she really does know her name...Whenever we call her she responds with a meow and comes running. She loves to get treats from me and attempts to take food off of my plate when I'm eating.  I call her Hazelnut because she can get really silly at times.  When I was setting up her perch today she started attacking my hand she didn't want me to take it away from her. She was so happy to have a place where she could lay down and look outside... 

Thank you so much, Hazel has been such a blessing to our home and family we are really enjoying her. 

Dawn L.  B.  W.


Saint-Joseph Tonkinese Cattery is located 12 miles southeast of the San Diego International airport, which is about 1 and a half hours south of the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino.  
Serving Southern California and Northern California.
We are located 5 to 6 hours drive from the Monterey, Carmel area, or Fresno;  7 to 8 hours from the greater San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma and Marin  And of course,  just a taco's throw from Mexico!

Saint-Joseph's Exquisi-Tonks CFA & TICA Registered Cattery
 Located in the San Diego town of Bonita 
Splendid Tonkinese love~Cats
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